July 25th - July 29th

In this five day series with Loulie Walker, founder of Loulie Walker Events, students will learn the art and business of event planning.  This series will include planning lessons and tools for corporate events, weddings and social events (bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries,…

The Passion and Art of Fragrance with Fabio Luisi-March 15, 2016

We launched our new perfume program, “Guild to Glove,” by having Maestro Fabio Luisi teach a class. Mr. Luisi is the principal conductor at the Metropolitan Opera as well as General Music Director of the Zurich Opera. In addition to his conducting work, he is a perfumer who creates scents in his laboratory overlooking Central Park in Manhattan. Traveling throughout the world he has collected many precious essential oils which he uses as “notes” in his bespoke line of perfumes.

We sniffed a number of scents and listened spellbound as he spun the tales of how essential oils were discovered and used from ambergris or “liquid gold”…

Event Design Series with Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur-March 21-23, 2016

We completed another beautiful Event Design Series with Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur and our Spring Professional Program students last week. The couse began with Meredith's inspring lecture the first day detailing all the specifics of running a floral event design business. The students shopped for and designed their "weddings" the second day, with a beautiful set of presentations delivered on Day 3, where it was Meredith's turn to be inspired! What beautiful designs!

The Art of Flowers Series: Sullivan Owen Interprets Degas-March 10, 2016

When I asked Sullivan Owen to teach a Master Class in the Art in Flowers series, her response was quick, “How about Edgar Degas and his sculptural lines – they are very much like branches.” I’d always thought of Degas and his paintings and drawings of dancers from the ballet, but I never thought of looking at their limbs as if they were branches, however Sullivan did. Sullivan had worked with Remco Van Vliet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art helping him with the branches that he used for the rotunda on a regular basis. For her, branches had become a natural expression of the body in the same way that Degas had seen dancers as sculptural entities.


The Art of Flowers Series: Shane Connolly Interprets JMW Turner-February 18, 2016

In Shane Connolly’s Master Class featuring the English painter, JMW Turner, the focus was on light and texture as interpreted through flower design.

That nature speaks to the heart and souls of great artists is evident in the way Turner perceived the changes in the light around him. One of the most important influences was the effect of the 1815 Tambora volcano in Indonesia. The ash and chemicals it spewed reached all the way from Indonesia to England and caused the light emanating from the skies to change for a number of years. It affected the way Turner painted landscapes and sunsets.

Shane Connolly in his own painterly…

A Dinner Table from Downton Abbey with Shane Connolly-February 17, 2016

When Shane planned to come to New York to teach a few classes for us, I had to ask him if he would do a Downton Abbey class for us. Who else could I ask who would be able to carry off a table in the correct Edwardian Style, but Shane Connolly who was so famous for installing trees in Westminster Abbey for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

In the first part of the class we made a double tiered arrangement that we assembled with chicken wire – not oasis, which Shane does not care to use for many reasons: not environmentally correct, not historically correct, etc. We used a delightful combination of colors which…

An All White Winter Wedding with Shane Connolly-February 16, 2016

For those of us who admired Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet from her wedding to Prince William, Shane Connolly’s White Wedding class was a delight. We were able to recreate a bouquet similar to hers, delicate and detailed, under the watchful eye of the designer who designed the original. We only lacked Westminster Abbey and Lily of the Valley and a handsome young prince, but we managed to finish the day with beautiful bridal bouquets and an all white table.

One of the things English florists like Shane seem to be adept at is the wiring of flowers. It is an old-fashioned technique that requires a steady hand and a great deal of patience,…

Winter 2016 Professional Program Graduates!

We are pleased to present our Winter 2016 Graduating Class! What a great six weeks we've had! They all arrived with a passion for flowers and a hunger to learn the world of floristry. After four weeks of classroom training and a fifty hour internship, we know they are ready to go out into the world of floral design and make floral magic. They've worked so hard, we can't wait to see how they bloom all over the world! 

Flowers in the Romantic Garden Style with Laura Dowling-February 4, 2016

On a cold, grey February evening FlowerSchool New York was warmed with the delightful presence of Laura Dowling and her warm choice of flowers in hues of purples and greens. In her class she created a bountiful arrangement of flowers that truly looked as if they had just been picked in a French garden in Provence. Under her exacting eye we created buckets covered with Plumosa and Frill Fern tied with Ivy. Filling our organic containers with a base of Camelia, our designs came to life with a beautiful spring collection of Lilac, Roses, Viburnum, Iris, Sweet Pea, Tulips and a few choice Vanda Orchids.

As you can see from the pictures, the arrangements we designed were…

Bringing The White House Style Home with Laura Dowling-February 3, 2016

What a treat our, “Bringing the White House Style Home,” class with Laura Dowling was! Laura shared with us her tips on entertaining from intimate dinners to large state dinners, from lunches for dignitaries to family Easter suppers. She shared her knowledge of having worked on several thousand events at the Obama White House and we students were eager to listen and learn how to apply it in our everyday lives to make our own events more beautiful.

During the day, Laura showed us examples of coordinating linens, china and flowers that she had used in the past. In the morning, we created an organic container we made using eucalyptus…