Wintertime Skin Regeneration with Michelle Gagnon

Join Michelle Gagnon on March 28th to create your own botanical facial oil to heal dry, wintertime skin!

March 28th 2017



Treating the skin naturally with botanical ingredients is not only essential for healthy glowing skin, but a healthy mind and body as well.  The harsh winter season can have an even harsher effect on our skin and health.  Working with essential oils and carrier oils can help put your best face forward and take on the challenges of winter ailments with great satisfaction!

In this workshop create a custom botanical face oil with Michelle Gagnon to nourish and heal your winter skin. This class will teach why it is important to treat your skin naturally and how essential oils play such an imperative role in not only healthy glowing skin, but a healthy mind and body as well.  Each student will have the opportunity to formulate an aromatic face oil to suit their skin type, and learn other ways to use the essential oils provided in their take home kit that can be beneficial towards a variety of wintertime skin related ailments!

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