The Mayflower and The Speedwell

Happy Thanksgiving to all FlowerSchool New York students, alum, and teachers! Here's a little flower knowledge to go with your turkey!

the mayflower

On August 15, 1620 the Mayflower and the Speedwell set sail toward a new world of opportunity and beginnings. Although the Speedwell was forced to turn back to England, the Mayflower persevered across the sea for sixty-six days, many of which were stormy and treacherous, until landing in Cape Cod on November 11th 1620. The boat's…

Master Class Review: Elizabeth Ryan on November 17th

Last Thursday, Elizabeth Ryan gave a great master class highlighting table decor and how to create a showcase for your arrangements. We call her class "downtown style" because Elizabeth uses unusual, sometimes funky ingredients in her designs. Elizabeth began the class teaching the students how to wrap the vases with moss, giving them an organic,…

Intensive Series Update

Last week we were graced with an amazing group of students whose designs were extraordinarily impressive.  I wanted to share these images from class 7, The Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet.

Party Down with LMD

Last Thursday Cal, Eileen and I had the opportunity to see Lewis Miller's studio in full swing for the launch of designer Samuelle's new bridal collection.  It was an enchanted event with the glow of candlelight and canopy of oak leaves.  When we arrived Lewis greeted us and pointed in the direction of the champagne, commenting that he preferred the glasses garnished with the anise pod as, " tastes just like autumn in a glass." It was a beautiful night of design, decor, food and of course dessert.

Matthew Robbins Wreath Design on December 1st

The wreath is a long held tradition cherished by many to ring in the holiday season. On December 1st famed designer Matthew Robbins will show us how easy it is to make a spectacular wreath that will certainly wow your friends and family. If you haven't found the right holiday decorations and want to create your own decor along side this master designer, this is just the class that will help you do it. Sign…

The Importance of Good Technique for Floral Elements for Tablescapes with Elizabeth Ryan

We had the opportunity to swing by Elizabeth Ryan's new studio at the 28th Street Flower Market and found some interesting new concepts that Elizabeth was working on.  In short, Elizabeth was working on table decor for a bride who wanted a natural look while staying true to her philosophy of having respect for the material. First off, she noted that she prefers to keep petrolium based floral products away from her flowers.  She prefers water and this is how…

Internships at Opalia Flowers

Phoebe Crary, of Opalia Flowers, is starting up her internship program.  This is a great opportunity for someone looking to learn about working in a small flower shop. Many of the Opalia Flowers interns have been hired as designers so this might be a great opportunity for someone who would eventually seek employment in this environment. The next two available dates are as follows: November Internship dates:  Tuesday, Nov. 14 - Friday, Dec. 2 December Internship dates:  Tuesday, Dec. 6 - Friday, Dec. 23 Please…

New To the Market - South American Lavender Antique Hydrangea

For those of you who have taken our Series Classes at FlowerSchool New York know that we like to use a lot of hydrangea for our designs.  This boastful summertime flower is helpful to pull off that perfect garden party look. The above is something new to the market from South America. Ask for it by name:  South American Lavendar Antique Hydrangea

Flowers in Artist "Remakes"

eda te "Self Portrait as a Tehuana (Diego on My Mind)" remake by Eda Te

FlowerSchool New York: Study Abroad 2012

FlowerSchool NY is proud to announce our 2012 study abroad excursion to Holland and Belgium. This April we are hosting a 15 student trip to the epicenter of floral design. Here we will take behind the scenes tours of the famed Aalsmeer flower auction and the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, take tours of private gardens, have dinner along the Amsterdam canals and, most of all, work with Europe's most popular designers.  We will be working with eleven designers in total, each with their own unique design perspective and philosophy. To learn more about the study abroad experience, please contact FlowerSchool…