PerfumeSchool New York



FlowerSchool New York is pleased to announce PerfumeSchool New York, a subsidiary of FlowerSchool New York to engage our sensuous existence through design and experience.


After thirteen years of floral expertise, FlowerSchool New York is breaking new ground with PerfumeSchool New York, a new school to explore one of the most important senses- scent. Fragrance has been an intregral element to life having one of the longest and most interesting histories of all the art forms. From the ancient Egyptians, to the Far East, to the birth of science and art in Europe –perfume and fragrance have always been an important part of culture and a community’s identity.



FlowerSchool is very excited to take on this new topic and assist our students to discover the world of perfume, fragrance and scent. Moving from flowers to fragrance is a most natural and logical step for us at FlowerSchool New York. Students are interested in learning how to live an artful and sensuous existence through design and experience, and scent is elemental to creating those experiences.



Similar to our Master Classes with New York’s best floral designers, we have brought the same structure and focus to PerfumeSchool, inviting some of the world’s best perfumers and technicians to teach a wide range of courses.