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British Virgin Islands Florist Wanted

A FlowerSchool New York alumna has opened a successful business in the British Virgin Islands and she is hiring.  It was logical  for her to look for someone by contacting FlowerSchool, where students leave with a strong foundation in technique and design. Her name is Linette Baa, a former Miss BVI, who came to New York and… Read more »

Conditioning Flowers: A Dialogue – Hydrangea

FlowerSchool New York is a school with teachers who have many different points of view united by their dedication to excellence.  Each of our master teachers has a different style and approach when working with flowers.  Their philosophies are inspired by their backgrounds as well as by their current experiences. One area that has been confusing and possibly controversial… Read more »

Master Class Review: Cas Trap & Floral Decor

Last Thursday Cas bounded through the doors of FlowerSchool New York with a large box full of unusual materials. Most resembled  fantasy objects from Lord of the Rings, others looked like flower frogs that were made from sticks.  As he pulled each item from the box, he went through their possible uses:  card holder, table runner, minimalist, maximalist vase or none of  those. ” Just… Read more »

Master Class: Lewis Miller on July 14th, Bastille Day!

For all you Francophiles, and you know who you are, we are bringing out another Les Fleurs Du Mal (English and French Edition)“Les Fleurs Les Fleurs Du Mal (English and French Edition)du Mal” class with Lewis Miller teaching his version of Baudelaire flowers.  Of all the teachers at FlowerSchool New York, Lewis is one of… Read more »

Tulips and Pansies; The Headdress Affair

This past Thursday I attended one of the more spectacular spring New York events,  “Tulips and Pansies, the Headdress Affair,” a benefit  for Village Care which is a community based non-profit organization benefiting older adults and persons living with HIV/AIDS. It was held at Gotham Hall in midtown Manhattan. In this fundraiser florists and fashion designers… Read more »

Matthew Robbins Master Florist; Edible Arrangments

One of the best trends to come along in quite a while is the green trend in which flower arrangements are recycled after an event. Matthew Robbins did  the centerpieces for a wedding of a couple who were both animal lovers and researchers.  Their wish was an arrangement that could be fed to zoo animals… Read more »

Master Class: Bella Meyer on May 12th

We had a great class this past Thursday with Bella Meyer, art historian, florist and granddaughter of Marc Chagall. Students had the opportunity to hear Bella tell stories about her grandfather’s relationship with flowers and how he portrayed them in his paintings. He always had flowers in his studio and when she would visit him… Read more »

The Power of Flowers

Those of you who have taken classes at FlowerSchool New York in the past few months might have noticed that several of our master florists have added a stem or two of jasmine to their bouquets as a finishing touch.  Those of you who have taken our cascading bridal bouquet class may have worked with several sprigs of… Read more »

Master Series: Cas Trap and Floral Decor – 5/19

Cas Trap, the master florist for our May 19th Master Class, has been teaching at FlowerSchool New York since its inception in 2003.  He is a florist and wholesaler in New York for many more years than that. His father, formerly a florist in Amsterdam, is now a conceptual artist subsidized by the Dutch government to do major installations… Read more »

Vogue Gala Honoring Alexander McQueen

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gala honoring Alexander McQueen, designed by Raul Avila and coordinated by Vogue Special Events planner Sylvana Soto-Ward, had  particularly lovely and appropriate flowers. Designed to look like the English gardens that Alexander McQueen loved, the event used many  flowers, topiaries and trees. To see a video of the installation click… Read more »