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Master Class Update: L' Olivier on June 16th.

Last week’s master Class with Olivier Giugni featured not one, but two beautiful arrangements sheathed in large philodendrum leaves. Both of them were done in the European style which means that they were put together in the hand rather than in the vase or on the table. Sometimes we call this the “Dutch” bouquet at… Read more »

Matthew Robbins Designing with Greens

In his recent master class for FlowerSchool, Matthew Robbins did something quite special — a ‘designing with greens’ class. I had seen his edible arrangement for a couple’s wedding as well as his “Eat your Vegetables” arrangement for Mother’s Day and loved them both. So I suggested that he might like to teach an all… Read more »

Entry 6: European Tour Scouting – Pompon

It was day 6 and I hopped on my bike in search of inspiring florists and designers help inspire our students.  It was the afternoon when I finally caught up with Hilde Baart of Pompon.  Upon walking through the door, I saw the oh-so-familiar sight of a group of floral designers taking an ice cream… Read more »

Entry 5: European Scouting Tour – Rob Plattel

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rob Plattel, Dutch Master Florist.  We carry his book, Natural Rhythms: Rob PlattelNatural Rhythms, in our bookstore.  Rob is a natural artist whose medium is living matter.  From looking at his work, he is beyond a florist, and judging from the above picture, floral design is one… Read more »

Entry 4: European Tour Scouting

I am admiddidly having trouble spotting flower shops on the streets of Amsterdam.  It looks like most building have at a 1x1ft flower box in front of it with at least something growing.  Therefore, spotting a shop with flowers out front is too common to be distinct. This one particularly nice.

Entry 3: European Tour – Aalsmeer

Today was the day.  I will look at the flower industry differently from this day forward.  I have seen behind the curtain.  I have seen blooms go from farm, to proconas, to commerce, to art and then to commerce again.  Today was the day that I visited the magic that is the Flora Holland flower… Read more »

Entry 2: European Tour Scouting – Florists

Phoebe and I have been busy making the necessary contacts, inspecting hotels and finding all important shopping/dining solutions for the FlowerSchool New York European Floral Tour 2012.  Today, we focused on Amsterdam inspirations; florists, shopping and more florists. First, we met Gerda in the neighborhood of Nine Streets.  Gerda, pictured here, is from a family… Read more »

Entry 1: European Tour Scouting

As many of you know, FlowerSchool New York is planning to organize a trip to Europe to soak up the culture and traditions through flowers. I decided to go to the Netherlands and Belgium with my wife, Phoebe, to do some scouting. Basically, the first second we were able to stop traveling and put down our… Read more »

Master Class: Elizabeth Ryan June 2nd.

What a wonderful master class we had with Elizabeth Ryan last Thursday!  Elizabeth always manages to enliven our classes by using explosive color and unusual materials with her flowers.  This time she used poppy pods and and purple artichokes, along with magenta colored peonies, orange aesclepias, roses, large and small, and scented geranium leaves.  For a finishing… Read more »

Master Class: L' Olivier

Yesterday, on a picture perfect spring day, we paid a visit to Olivier’s uptown shop, L’ Olivier Floral Atelier, at 19 East 76th Street. The shop is small, charming and feels as if you are in the south of France and not on New York’s upper east side.  Olivier is great fun to spend time… Read more »