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Event Design Class: Day 3

The final day of “Consultation to Execution” is, by far, the most stressful.  We had eight designers, each with their own design, working on the flowers and decor.  In the end, the students prevailed.  By 5:00pm, the students were finished and the garden began to fill up and wine began to start pouring.  Take a… Read more »

Event Design Class: Day 2

Day two is, in my opinion, the most exciting day of this series.  It is the day that all our students are responsible for their own floral designs.  We started with an early morning wholesale market round up, where every student bought for their tables, packaged it all up and delivered it to FlowerSchool for… Read more »

Event Design Class: Day 1

Our event design class, “Consultation to Execution” is coming along swimmingly thanks to David M. Handy’s experience and vision.  Students received their first lesson in what dealing with a client can be all about and where there is room for vision. Day one also included a trip to Something Different Party Rental where students had… Read more »

Lewis Miller July 14th

Yesterday’s Lewis Miller class was all about deep, dark chocolate sunflowers. If anyone can make sunflowers edgy, Lewis is the one. The sunflowers he used resembled giant chocolate cosmos.  Most of us think of sunflowers as “happy flowers” or flowers that are seasonally appropriate yet lacking in depth (with of course, the exception of Van… Read more »

Ariella Chezar comes to FlowerSchool in September

I am so excited to let you know that Ariella Chezar has agreed to teach our first Master Class of the fall at FlowerSchool on September 15th.  All of her groupies should be forewarned — this class will definitely sell out quickly! For those of you who are not familiar with Ariella,  see the below… Read more »

Summer News at FlowerSchool New York

One of the things that I am always surprised about in the Introductory Intermediate Series is the diversity of the students who sign up. This time we have students from as far afield as Kuwait, Indonesia, New Jersey and Long Island. We have our first second generation student, Becca, whose mother Evelyn has taken practically… Read more »