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Interns Needed at Belle Fleur

Attention flower enthusiasts! Meredith Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur is looking for two interns to help at a very special event tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st and Wednesday, November 2nd. The event is for a L’Oréal cosmetic skin care launch! If you have interest, please contact Belle Fleur directly.

Bella Meyer and the Style of Louis XIV

Last Thursday, Bella Meyer brought the style and grace of the Sun King, Louis XIV, to FlowerSchool New York using candelabras that she decorated with ivy, bittersweet, ferns and flowers. She showed us the sketches that she made when she first conceived of the idea for the gala performance of Lully’s opera, Atys, at the… Read more »

Tree Peonies at G. Page: The Flower of Bashfulness and Devotion.

Spring has arrived.. in New Zealand! Nothing cheers a cold and rainy morning like walking into G. Page and seeing stunning tree peonies just in from New Zealand. As our days begin to turn darker and colder, it is heartening to know that half way around the world peonies are blooming and spring is on… Read more »

Art Installation: 2,000 Suspended Dandelions

Found on the This is Colossal blog, below is an incredible installation by German artist Regine Ramseier from the ArToll Summer Lab 2011. In this work Regine delicately attaches 2,000 dandelions to the ceiling of the space to create a beautiful and whimsical environment. Art and flowers are powerful tools; and when combined their emotional… Read more »

Tropical Flowers

Felipe Sastre and I have been working on a new book for my publisher, Gibbs-Smith, which is on the subject of tropical flowers. For each shoot, Felipe has been coming up with new designs and clever ways of looking at tropicals. Few people in New York have the depth of experience that Felipe has when… Read more »

Floral Photography

Brittany and I were going through images for a new book we are working on and stumbled upon the above.  We thought that we would share.  It was taken during a recent Intensive Series when students were working with curly willow, perfectly antiqued hydrangeas, bear grasses and berries.  We love seeing determined young designers given… Read more »

The Peak of Chic Blogspot

Jennifer Boles of the Peak of Chic Blog just put some pictures up of my most recent book, “Entertaining in the French Style” on her blog. I am honored to be in such great company! Entertaining in the French Style

Rob Plattel "A Dutch Master Florist"

Rob Pattel is one of the most accomplished florists in Holland. We will be studying with him on our 2012 European Flower Tour through Holland and Belgium.  He is the author of

Lewis Miller's Poetry of Flowers on October 13th.

Lewis Miller’s Master Class this past Thursday was a study in leaves, branches, berries and flowers. One could also say it was a study of the poetry of movement. What looked unstructured was really quite structured, what looked unmanicured was in reality, meticulus. These are the elements he used in his arrangement in the 2X6X10… Read more »