Master Class Review: Elizabeth Ryan on November 17th

Last Thursday, Elizabeth Ryan gave a great master class highlighting table decor and how to create a showcase for your arrangements. We call her class “downtown style” because Elizabeth uses unusual, sometimes funky ingredients in her designs.

Elizabeth began the class teaching the students how to wrap the vases with moss, giving them an organic, natural look; as if the they had come straight from the woods. Next, Elizabeth used three moss covered branches to create a centerpiece and focal point for the table. She explained that the branches should cross, in almost a triangle formation, creating space and dimension. After building the structure, Elizabeth made three simple, yet beautiful arrangements using free spirit roses, tulips, and red charm peonies.

With just a few extra ingredients like pumpkins, candles and even pomegranates, the whole look comes together creating a great fall and winter atmosphere perfect for any table decor.

A student wrapping their vase with moss; a natural and organic design trick for any arrangement.  If it’s done well, you won’t have to worry about a big mess sitting on the table.