Monthly Archives: December 2011

Home for the Holidays with Emily Thompson

Not many can call the White House home, however when Emily Thomson was asked to design the annual holiday installation at the White House she beautifully transformed space to become alive and majestic. Read’s recent interview with Emily to learn how to transform your own home into presidential perfection this winter season. Also check… Read more »

The Art of the Compote with Ariella Chezar

FlowerSchool New York was very happy to have famed designer Ariella Chezar teach two master classes on December 13th for a full day of beautiful floral design. In the afternoon class, “The Art of the Compote,” Ariella taught the basics for her signature style using a frog. Ariella is known for rarely using flora foam… Read more »

Holiday Tablescapes with Meredith Perez

On Monday December 12th, Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur joined seven FlowerSchool New York students to give a brilliant master class on creating beautiful table decor for the holiday season. Over a cup of tea, Meredith explained to the students how she got started in floral design and why she decided to pursue a career… Read more »

Lewis Miller Constructs a Garland at FlowerSchool

Making garlands means a special time of year for Lewis Miller of LMD because he remembers watching his mother work with friends in their garage at Christmas time putting together garlands and being merry.  “Garland making,” Lewis reminisced, “means the beginning of the Holidays.” In addition to his personal connections, we talked about the history of… Read more »

Floral Photography Class

As important as creating floral designs, it is equally important to document your work. Because arrangements only lasts a short time, photographs of floral designs are often the only record left behind by a designer and are essential in order to archive your work. In this workshop photographer Cal Crary will give the students the… Read more »

Interview with artist Lee Mingwei

What is it about the act of giving and receiving flowers that is so moving and poignant?  Flowers have the uncanny ability to change people’s perspective, impact lives, and create memories. Artist Lee Mingwei reflects these sentiments in his new work The Moving Garden currently on show at the Brooklyn Museum. In this installation the… Read more »

Master Class Review: Wreath Making with Matthew Robbins

In a fantastic master class last night, Matthew Robbins graciously showed the class an advance copy of his upcoming book, “Inspired Weddings: Designing for the Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures” to be released on January 1st. Preorder it HERE now! Glancing through the book it is clear that Matthew finds inspiration from… Read more »