The Art of the Compote with Ariella Chezar

FlowerSchool New York was very happy to have famed designer Ariella Chezar teach two master classes on December 13th for a full day of beautiful floral design. In the afternoon class, “The Art of the Compote,” Ariella taught the basics for her signature style using a frog.

Ariella is known for rarely using flora foam because it is not easily biodegradable and difficult to achieve a natural and organic design style.  Ariella notes that, “floral foam disallows the flowers and elements to fall freely as they do in nature, creating unnatural angles.  Using a frog for structure allows you to achieve a natural flowing look much easier.”

To begin, Ariella created a tripod formation using privet berries to give the arrangement structure. Ariella always uses the sturdier stems first to get a balanced, but not too symmetrical arrangement.

The students wired citrus fruits giving their arrangements an extra whimsical effect.  After living in California for several years, Ariella now considers citrus an important part to the holiday season.

Next the students began to layer the remaining elements using anemones, tulips and narcissus to create beautiful garden arrangements. Ariella mentioned that she is often inspired by her own garden when designing because the garden is the best place to see examples of how flowers grow together. Instead of making her designs fully rounded and tightly shaped, she likes to keep one section low, almost as if there is a valley in the arrangement.

Ariella loves using tulips or narcissus in arrangements because they have a “beautiful spring look.”