Citrus, Fruit and Flowers with Ariella Chezar

After a brief lunch break, many of the students from Ariella’s afternoon class returned for a second session.  For her evening class Ariella wanted to highlight using citrus for seasonal designs as it is an element she loves to showcase around the holidays. After spending many years in California, Ariella reminisced how the scent of citrus still takes her right back to spending winter months on the West Coast.

To really pop with the bright colors, Ariella chose a beautiful blue ceramic container that paired wonderfully with the orange. After a quick refresher on wiring fruits, Ariella began her demonstration expertly creating a Californian, chic organic look for the season.  Similar to the first class, Ariella used privet berries to build her base and create a foundation, but this time the design was coupled with tulips, beautiful ranunculus, hints of narcissus and orange citrus that gave this arrangement a completely different look than the first class.

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