Horsetails and French Tulips with Olivier Giugni

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Last Thursday, famed New York designer, Olivier Giugni, gave a fantastic master class where he taught the class how to create a large scale, modern design for any interior space. Olivier explained to the class how before he begins working on an arrangement, he first thinks about the space and atmosphere of where it will be placed. Will it be showcased in a large atrium of a grand hotel, or on a side table in a modern bedroom scape? Asking these questions provides a guideline for the type of arrangement and design characteristics you will create for the space.

Olivier continued by explaining how his famed leaf wrapped vase asthetic also came from this concept. When Olivier was first getting started in his studio, he wanted to create a way for the client to not see the water in the vase as it dirtied over time. He decided to use a clever (and brand new!) design concept to solve a ever present problem for many clients. Olivier’s use of large leaves and greens has not only become his iconic look, but allows for a more approachable and accessible look for many clients.

For this class, Olivier introduced a type of greenery called horsetail stems or “shavegrass” that many of the students had never worked with before. This unique grass-like perennial¬† is largely grown in California and is completely hollow, making it very easy to manipulate and use in a very modern looking arrangement. Paired with the horsetail, Olivier brought beautiful French Tulips from Nice, France that were just starting their season. The beauty and charm of these tulips against the stark green of the horsetail was a great combination. Oliver mentioned that he enjoyed pairing the two because the horsetail acts as a supportive wall for the tulips giving them guide to grow.

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