Monthly Archives: February 2012

Emily Thompson

Listening to Emily Thompson speak about her work and her unique floral philosophy, we can see that it is clear a new design perspective is making waves here in New York. Designing is no longer is just about putting stems in a vase anymore, but rather a contemplative, sincere and purposefully approach which is as… Read more »

New old flowers

The flowering plant has only existed on earth for the last 100 million years.   As hard as it is for me to think of a world with no flowers, it’s true. Varieties of flowering plans have come and gone over that time.  Recently, Russian scientists were able to bring back a plant that existed… Read more »

LMD at the Pierre Hotel

We have to take a moment to revel in a recent event that Lewis Miller of LMD created at the beautiful Pierre Hotel in New York City. Creating a romantic and beautifully textured landscape, Lewis undoubtedly achieved perfection in this autumnal secret garden. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with this incredible designer in Lewis’ upcoming… Read more »

Valentine's Day Thoughts

For many florists Valentine’s Day is unparalleled to any other day in the business. Around early to mid January, you can almost see the mood change in the market. As florists begin to gear up for the big day pre-ordering their flowers, gathering interns for the assumed 12 hour day, and trying the navigate elevated costs… Read more »

Matthew Robbins Book Party!

On Monday night, FlowerSchool New York had the greatest pleasure hosting a book party event for Matthew Robbins’ new book, “Inspired Weddings.” Matthew had just finished an incredible ten city tour with his book, and we were so happy to have Matthew return to FlowerSchool as the capstone of his trip. FlowerSchool was filled with… Read more »