Monthly Archives: April 2012

Holland & Belgium Tour: "Origins"

FlowerSchool alumni Rutger Mulder was gracious enough to invite us to his place of work at the Syngenta Flower Farm.  We took a peak behind the curtain to see the vast expanse of growing roses and learned how generational flower growers force the blooms to perfection.  Here, they cut 2000 blooms per day, let them sit in… Read more »

FSNY Study Abroad: Day One: Aalsmeer Flower Auction

Above:  Spring popping on the street across from our hotel Hello from Amsterdam! One day and FSNY has already seen and done so much. Early yesterday morning we visited the Aalsmeer Flower Auction; and incredible experience seeing the size and efficiency of this facility. Aalsmeer is one of the largest buildings in the world (10.6… Read more »

Cascading Bouquets with Matthew Robbins

It is interesting to think about how floral trends can change over time; what was once considered outdated and tired, can be revitalized into something new. This is what Matthew Robbins did during his exceptional master class last Thursday. To begin the class, Matthew explained how for his very first photo shoot with Martha Stewart,… Read more »

Spring in Tudor City Park

It is certainly spring in our little corner of the world! The cherry blossoms are blooming, the tulips are out and everyone is in the park enjoying the flowers!