Autumnal Pastels with Lewis Miller

When you think of autumn what usually comes to mind first? For many it is oranges and reds with seasonal fruits and berries. To Lewis Miller’s creative eye, autumn can be something entirely different. Instead of the bright and bold tones of the season, Lewis is drawn to the pastels and mauves that remind him of the autumnal dusk, the light of the summer sun fading into the darkness of winter.

In his master class last month Lewis brought this vision to fruition by creating an absolutely breathtaking design using autumnal pastels. To begin Lewis used a bed of privet berry and heavenly bamboo for structure. Next, he added the most beautiful mauve carnations, amnesia roses and scabiosa flowers. For a little brightness and contrast he also added silver brunia and dusty miller. A more unusual element, Lewis added a single stem of Dutch hydrangea. Lewis explained he enjoys having a single, grounding element in his designs, but groups the other elements together so it does not look too spotty. For that last added element Lewis added a triplet of scabiosa pods for texture.

Drawing inspiration from perhaps a Flesmish painting, this autumnal pastel design is a little more old fashioned in style and not the typical ‘pretty’ arrangement many are used to. Flowers don’t always have to be one note and can evoke of  a spectrum of emotion. Using muted tones and “not happy flowers”, as Lewis describes, he keeps the design from being too precious.

To really make the arrangement pop, at the end of class Lewis brought out a brush and sparkling mica power to dust the arrangement for a beautiful glow. It was almost majestic how the power clung to all the right places, giving the design a wonderful effect. Also, Lewis mentioned that the mica power (rather than synthetic glitter) is much better for the flower because it is a natural element.

Every time Lewis comes to FlowerSchool we are always blown away by his design and style. Do not miss the next opportunity to take a Lewis Miller class on January 24th! For more images of this class visit us on facebook!