Introducing Restaurant Designs with Oscar Mora!

We are pleased to welcome Oscar Mora at FlowerSchool New York. He is a distinguished florist who has appeared on Martha Stewart many times as well having been written about in a number of major magazines such as Vogue, Architectural Digest and O at Home. His talent and his vision is exemplified by his ability to transform empty spaces into canvases of beauty through his flower designs.

Born and raised in Venezuela, he has a particular affinity for tropical designs which he will teach in his first class at FlowerSchool. This four-hour workshop will focus on weekly arrangements suitable for restaurants or corporate work. Oscar will discuss the long-lasting flowers and creative designs for high volume, busy spaces. The workshop will consist of two designs, one that will be made by each student and one very large scale design suitable for a bar or restaurant entrance that will be demonstrated to the class by Mr. Mora.