Petite Flowers with Matthew Robbins on March 28th

Last Thursday Matthew Robbins celebrated his passion for spring flowers with a great group of FlowerSchool New York students in his March Master Class. Inspired by a Martha Stewart photo shoot he did many years ago, Matthew gathered the most beautiful palette of intricate, petite flowers giving his design a detailed and exquisite quality.

Using 13 varieties of flowers, Matthew explained to the students how to make a bouquet with these more precious stems. He suggests starting with one variety (preferably the most sturdy stem) creating a network of stems then weaving in the other flowers into the structure. To finish the design, Matthew used a variety of ribbons and colors to create the romantic, organic bouquet.

Once finished Matthew used shallow containers and floral frogs to stand up the bouquets to admire. This is also a unique container option instead of using a vase at home.

Spring does not always have to mean tulips, hyacinth and daffodils. Matthew selected an amazing varitey of flower including:

Fritillari vulpis
Ranunculus perfection pink
Leucojum aestivum
Matracaria white
Spray roses majolica
Sweet pea
Peper white
Pompon (white and green)

What a great evening with Matthew and his team! We look forward to having him join us on our trip to Holland & France later this month and a few amazing classes coming up this summer! Stay tuned!

To see more images of this class visit our facebook page.