FlowerSchool Welcomes Shane Connolly to FSNY!

Renowned designer, Shane Connolly will be teaching for the first time this spring at FlowerSchool New York! Shane is most famous for designing the royal wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011!


March 13th 11am – 1pm 

A Garden for your Table with Shane Connolly

Describing his work as British, seasonal, natural, sustainable and organic, Shane Connolly is one of the most exciting and sought after floral designers working today. Before starting his own bespoke floral studio in 1989, Shane worked with many of the world’s great designers like Caroline Evans, Michael Goulding and Elizabeth Barker, who studied under Constance Spray.  As Shane’s work is largely inspired by the garden, nature and growing, his first Master Class at FlowerSchool New York will make you feel as if you are in your very own English garden.  In this class you will learn Shane’s subtly for color and texture while create a natural, draping centerpiece perfect for an intimate dinner with close friends. 


March 13th 5pm – 7pm

Contemporary English Style with Shane Connolly

How do you define contemporary English style? Is it style that is fresh and trendy or is it style that references the past and yet contains elements of  the now such as the use of flowers flowing on vines interwoven with herbs and other materials. In this class, Shane Connolly will demonstrate his unique blending of the old with the new.


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