The Flowers of Fashion with Oscar Mora-June 12, 2014

Oscar Mora dazzled us two times in his last master class. First, he demonstrated one of his very showy large arrangements consisting of three tall black vases in varying heights and shape. He made dramatic use of the smokebush which has an ethereal, cloud-like shape. It is in season such a short time in New York that not to use it would be as unfortunate as not to take advantage of the rare perfection of a perfect summer’s afternoon or a bearded iris when it is in season. He also used passion vines, hydrangeas, eggplant-colored tall callas and different shades of peonies.

The flowers we took home were in a silver-colored pedestal vase and they consisted of camellia leaves that created a base, peonies, roses and extraordinarily colored carnations. As you can see from the pictures, we all had a great time with Oscar and his flowers.

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