Summer Professional Program 2014 Graduating Class!

FlowerSchool New York is pleased to present our Summer Professional Program 2014 Graduates! With our largest class to date, we have fourteen, professionally trained alums traveling out into the world! Four weeks of intensive classroom study and a 50 hour internship under their belts have prepared our students to work in flower shops or studios of their choosing. A diverse class of students from around the world truly impressed our staff here at FSNY. They gave each class their all and were ready for any task unconditionally. We know they will travel out into the world and elevate the beautiful world of floral design. We look forward to seeing how they bloom!

Interns Nara and Sienna at Opalia Flowers in Brooklyn, NY.

FSNY was lucky to have star student, Inhee (far right), complete her internship at the school. She was an integral part of the team and was able to assist Christian Tortu when he taught classes here at the school.