Dahlias from Zonneveld Farm with Ariella Chezar-September 25, 2014

We should come up with a new word to replace “awesome” when we describe Ariella Chezar’s dahlias from her Zonneveld Farm in the Berkshires. To say stupendous or even astounding would be to understate the impact of the flowers and vines that she grew and supplied for us to work with this past Thursday at FlowerSchool New York.

Using Dahlias, Zinnias, Love-in-a-puff vines as well as Burning Bush branch, Ariella wove a spell with her designs and we were all simply entranced by her ability to showcase nature at its most spellbinding and show-stopping best! 

She graciously helped each of us individually in placing the flowers so that they would stand out and “show their stuff” in the best possible way! As Ariella remarked, we had, “parties in the vases!” A festive time was had by all!  

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