Globally Inspired Designs with Matthew Robbins-October 16, 2014

Like many of our Master Florists, Matthew Robbins is in love with beautiful textiles. He plays the part of hunter-gatherer while visiting different countries for destination weddings, sourcing local materials for his events. Recently in Guatemala for an event, he found some exuberantly colored fabrics, which he will soon start importing into the United States.

He based his most recent Master Class on these textiles using flowers and foliage to evoke the mood and style of the Guatemalan fabrics. Weaving Yves Piaget Garden Roses with Passion vine, Ranunculus, Begonia leaves and tropical foliage, Matthew created an arrangement that spoke eloquently to the textures and textiles of Latin America. We all went home with baskets filled with the colors and passions of the tropics in our arms.

 To see more beautiful photos of Matthew’s Master Class, please visit our Facebook page, here!