The Genius of Leaves with Olivier Giugni-February 19, 2015

Olivier’s leaves strutted their stuff in his most recent class entitled “The Genius of Leaves”. Olivier Giugni started the whole trend of twisting and shaping designs with leaves when he first came to New York to work for Pierre Cardin at Maxim’s of Paris many years ago. He called it a revolution when Monsieur sent a mannequin “…from his maison de couture dressed in the most divine evening gown – the collar mimicked an exotic green leaf covered with sequins that wrapped graciously around the delicate neckline.” From this first vision, he “…lined glass containers with leaves of all sizes and colors, tied knots with leaves, and made leaves into bouquets. I freed them from their branches and allowed them to come out on their own.” This is an excerpt from Olivier’s book, “Living Art, Style Your Home with Flowers,” and it is a testament to his longtime love of leaves.

We all followed his masterful use of leaves in the first design using a dramatic rectangular black ceramic container. Each student was given a box of green Anthurium as well as tall, variegated leaves that we placed in blocks of oasis for the first design. It was as dramatic a look as we have had at FlowerSchool New York.

Our second design featured parrot tulips in shades of orange and yellow in another rectangular vase – this one in clear glass with grasses and Philodendrum leaves all twisted into a design that ended up being elegant and appropriately springlike, a harbinger of spring and more flowers to come.  

To see more photos of Olivier’s fresh take on leaves, please visit our Facebook page, here!