The Rite of Spring with Lewis Miller-February 26, 2015

Lewis Miller brought his special energy to the last Master Class that he taught entitled “The Rite of Spring”. The composer of that famous work, Igor Stravinsky said of it, “… the music was unified by a single idea: the mystery and the great surge of creative power of spring.” And indeed, the flowers that Lewis used were very much unified in the strong power that we associate with spring.

Lewis brought Parrot Tulips, Hyacinths, Ranunculus, Anemones, divine Carnations in painterly tones, pink Lisianthus, Hellebore and pink and purple Roses all resting in a bed of lush, spiral Eucapyptus. Each student had one magnificent stem of Dutch Delphinium that was bred in Holland and never seen by us in New York before.

The look ended up being lush and sumptuous, effortless in movement and yet well-constructed and masterly like the music that inspired the title of the class.

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