A Fresh Take on Spring with Remco Van Vliet-March 19, 2015

The theme in Remco Van Vliet’s most recent class was blue and green flowers. Why blue and green? Because once he gave a class using only those two colors and I remember the comments I got  — mainly from men, about how beautiful the flowers were, how strikingly bold and beautiful. Many of us tend to forget that men are often as attracted to flowers as women and that spring is often a profusion of deep colors as much as pastels. Green, of course, is the essence of spring – the first color that we generally see. And blue has an intensity about it that few colors can match. What could be a more masculine combination of colors than blue and green?

Remco created a hand-tied bouquet with Hydrangea, Thistle, Viburnum, Sweet Peas and Asparagus Fern that gave our hands quite a workout, but as you can see from the pictures, the arrangements were large and bountiful, exuberant and bold  — like spring itself.

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