Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Taste of Provence with Olivier Giugni-June 25th!

On this early summer evening, Olivier Giugni will use flowers that evoke the scents and colors of Provence, his childhood home. This class will take you right back to the fields of lavender that we think of when we say the word, “Provence.”

Mexico City's Flower Market, Mercado Jamaica-May 2015

We traveled to Mexico City in May to teach our Intro Series and a Workshop class with Bunch of Flowers and thought we’d share photos from our trip to Jamaica Flower Market and Xochimilco greenhouses. We were blown away by the rambling size of both. The beautiful local floral and fauna were astounding. In particular,… Read more »

The Art and Whimsy of Flowers with Bella Meyer-May 14, 2015

Bella Meyer of fleursBella gave a Master Class featuring flowers to sketch with. The idea was conceived by a presentation that she had given for the Drawing Center in New York. In her Master Class she challenged us to create designs that one could use in order to create a drawing which would be realistic,… Read more »

Drama with Peonies with Oscar Mora-June 4th!

What more can anyone say about the peony? It is one of the most beloved of flowers and June is the season when the peony dominates. Oscar Mora will bring his particular form of dynamism to this class built around this most poetic of flowers.

The Anatomy of a Still Life with Lewis Miller-May 28th!

Lewis Miller has a masters’ eye for flowers. His style is both poetic and painterly. In this class he will recreate a Dutch still life in flowers. You will want to paint or photograph your work when you take it home.

Christian Tortu at "Art in Bloom" Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 2015

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts chose Christian Tortu to be the main speaker for their 49th annual ‘Art in Bloom’ this year and FlowerSchool New York was pleased to facilitate his presence. He taught two sold-out Master Classes and gave a lecture to a large auditorium of flower-aficionados.  The MFA “Art in Bloom” is… Read more »

The Green Bouquet with Christian Tortu-April 22, 2015

Sometimes everything just seems to work together. On April 22nd, we had a Master Class given by Christian Tortu teaching his famous “green bouquet.” It turned out that it was also Earth Day, a day started 45 years ago to celebrate what many consider to be the beginning of the environmental movement in 1970. Green… Read more »

Setting Up Shop with Christian Tortu-April 21, 2015

On a cool, April day, a few professional florists joined together to participate in a “setting up shop” class with Master Florist Christian Tortu. Christian has set up flower shops all over the world and he is especially remembered in New York for his wonderful Takashimaya boutique on Fifth Avenue. It was almost a public… Read more »

FSNY's Spring Graduates!

Congratulations to our Spring Semester Graduates! You’ve worked so hard and we are very proud of you! We look forward to seeing how you bloom!  To see more photos of our Spring Semester Graduates, please visit our Facebook page, here! 

Color Me Happy with Oscar Mora-April 16, 2015

The title of Oscar Mora’s last class, “Color Me Happy,” was taken from a recent article in flower Magazine featuring the designer himself.  In the article Oscar is quoted, “Growing up in Venezuela where everything is about vibrant and bold color, I loved to draw and paint. Now, as a professional floral designer in New… Read more »