Monthly Archives: June 2015

Working with Seasonal Branches with Sullivan Owen-Jul 9th!

Sullivan Owen, who has been described as Anthropology meets Martha Stewart, is one of our newest Master Florists. In this class Sullivan will demonstrate how she incorporates branches in her arrangements, giving her designs an airiness and looseness that is wild but not unruly. Her color palette is subtle and inspired, and she has a gift… Read more »

Frida Kahlo Museum-May 2015

A trip to Mexico City would not be complete without a visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacan. From the blue walls of the home to the interior garden and inspiring art and treasures enclosed all throughout, don’t miss this oasis. The newly discovered and displayed collection of clothes, braces, and personal items make… Read more »

Garden Wedding Workshop in Mexico City-May 22, 2015

On our last day of classes in Mexico City with Bunch of Flowers, we created a Garden Wedding environment in a splendidly beautiful private garden. In five different stations that were created first by FSNY Design Director, Beth Horta, the students set out in groups to fill the garden with designs befitting for a wedding… Read more »

Introductory Series, Mexico City-May 19 & 20, 2015

We were treated to a great group of students attending our Introductory Series in Mexico City with A Bunch of Flowers! So talented and eager to learn, we truly enjoyed our time getting to know our Mexican flower friends! We look forward to returning soon! For more photos of our Introductory Series in Mexico City,… Read more »

The Anatomy of a Still Life with Lewis Miller-May 28, 2015

Sometimes all the stars are in alignment and everything works out perfectly. Such was the case with Lewis Miller’s class on the last Thursday in May, titled, “The Anatomy of a Still Life.” Each of the flowers complemented the other from the apricot colored Tree Peonies to the purple tinged Lilacs, to the white Spirea… Read more »