Monthly Archives: July 2015

Summer 2015 Graduating Class

We are pleased to present our Summer 2015 Graduating Class! With our biggest class to date and our most diverse (six different languages were heard over the past few months!), we know they are ready to go out into the world of floral design and make floral magic! They’ve worked so hard, we can’t wait… Read more »

Working with Seasonal Branches with Sullivan Owen-July 9, 2015

Sullivan Owen gave us a great class featuring branches and flowers for the last Master Class of our summer schedule. She started the class by showing us how to cut large branches in the cleanest, most effective way possible by using her upper leg muscles as leverage. Having worked alongside Remco Van Vliet at the… Read more »

A Taste of Provence with Olivier Giugni-June 25, 2015

Everything about Olivier is exuberant and dramatic, including his designs, his flowers and the fact that he often wears colors that reflect the palette of his arrangements. In his last class, “A Taste of Provence” he wore a purple hued polo shirt that matched the lavender hue of the design he had all the students… Read more »

Event Design Series with Meredith Perez-June 15-17, 2015

Once again, Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur wowed our students with a stunning Event Design Series in June. Armed with inspiration from her lecture on Day One, the students put together inspiration boards, shopped for and designed their “weddings,” and put together the whole look for their presentations on Day Three. Every beautiful detail was brought to… Read more »

From the Great Hall at the Met with Remco Van Vliet-June 18, 2015

The task seemed simple: create a replica of the large arrangement at the entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art so that students could take it home after a class. If anyone could do it, that person would have to be Remco Van Vliet. Remco has been the Master Florist and in-house designer for the… Read more »

Advanced Wedding Series with Laura Seita-June 10 & 11, 2015

We finished up another beautiful Advanced Wedding Series in mid-June with Laura Seita. Head wreaths, boutonnieres and a most stunning hand wired bridal bouquet were created by all. The students created beautiful designs as you can see from the last photo, under one of the lovely chuppas they decorated! To see more photos of Laura’s… Read more »

Drama with Peonies with Oscar Mora-June 4, 2015

What more can we say about peonies? They seem to be almost everyone’s favorite flower and at the time of Oscar Mora’s last class they were in their height of season glory. As always with Oscar, he gave us a demonstration using several large vases with a variety of flowers starting with one of my… Read more »