From the Great Hall at the Met with Remco Van Vliet-June 18, 2015

The task seemed simple: create a replica of the large arrangement at the entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art so that students could take it home after a class. If anyone could do it, that person would have to be Remco Van Vliet. Remco has been the Master Florist and in-house designer for the Met for well over ten years. Dutch born and trained, he is the consummate professional with impeccable technique and artistry.

He started the class by projecting images of the arrangements in the Great Hall, discussing the challenges of making such large-scale arrangements viewed on a daily basis by the public. He also showed us pictures of parties that he has designed for both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other venues. As you can see from the pictures, everyone in the class managed to create an arrangement that was beautifully solid, well-styled and welcoming – a small scale version of the arrangements that greet millions of visitors to one of our greatest museums in America.

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