A Taste of Provence with Olivier Giugni-June 25, 2015

Everything about Olivier is exuberant and dramatic, including his designs, his flowers and the fact that he often wears colors that reflect the palette of his arrangements. In his last class, “A Taste of Provence” he wore a purple hued polo shirt that matched the lavender hue of the design he had all the students make. Using a silvered rectangular-shaped vase with two openings,  he showed us how to create a dramatic design using lavender, veronica, lisianthus, mint, rosemary and lily grass. Each element was hand-tied with raffia in a very county-like style yet the finished look was dramatically sophisticated.

Of course when you take a class with Olivier, you get two, not one design to take home after the class. The second arrangement, a hand-tied sunflower bouquet, had a base of 20 very large sunflowers, To the sunflowers we added 8 hala leaves, 3 asplenium leaves per person with an optional choice of bay leaves or viburnum added in. It was quite a taste of Provence, indeed!

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