Working with Seasonal Branches with Sullivan Owen-July 9, 2015

Sullivan Owen gave us a great class featuring branches and flowers for the last Master Class of our summer schedule. She started the class by showing us how to cut large branches in the cleanest, most effective way possible by using her upper leg muscles as leverage. Having worked alongside Remco Van Vliet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she has really refined her technique for cutting.

As our youngest and newest of the Master Florists, Sullivan always shares her knowledge in the most descriptive and precise terms possible, always inspiring our students with her insightful business acumen.

Starting with a solid base of Burning Bush, Plum and Crabapple Foliage, she almost wished she could stop at the foliage, remarking that her love of foliage has grown over the years. To her foliage base she added Keira David Austin Garden Roses, Aesclepia, Queen Anne’s Lace, Dianthus and Lace Cap Hydrangea. The look of the flowers she used was quite painterly and with the vase she chose they would have been perfect on a foyer table all dressed up for a summer party.

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