The Art of Flowers Series: Remco Van Vliet Interprets van Gogh-October 8, 2015

Remco Van Vliet brought the colors of Provence to FlowerSchool New York in his October 8th class. The artist that he was paired with was his fellow countryman, Vincent van Gogh whom he had lectured about at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last spring. It is so interesting for us to hear the viewpoint of a florist about a painter who was known for so many magnificent paintings of flowers. He talked about van Gogh’s use of the jugs available to him at the asylum at St Remy where he resided while painting the four famous paintings of spring bouquets – two of irises and two of roses — that were reunited at the Met for the first time since the artist’s death in 1890. He also talked about the fading of the colors in the paintings – not all that dissimilar to the fading of flowers in real life.

Rather than try to recreate one of the bouquets of flowers in one of van Gogh’s paintings, Remco captured the spirit and the colors of Provence in his designs that the students worked on. He used a simple wood container, lined in plastic and stapled pieces of grapevine to make a rustic centerpiece in a spherical shape. The flowers he used were a colorful combination of Dahlias, Iris, Thistle, Brassica, Roses, Salvia, Ladies Mantle and some fragrant Mint and Marjoram. All the flowers were placed directly in water as he used the stapled grapevine as the structure to contain them. We all can’t wait for Remco’s next class!

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