The Art of Flowers Series: Emily Thompson Interprets Albrecht Durer-October 15, 2015

In pairing our Master Florists with artists, we have found some natural fits. At first I thought Emily Thompson should be paired with a sculptor – someone like Henry Moore or Richard Serra, known for making large gestures, which are very much Emily’s forte. However, Emily was “not feeling very contemporary” when I spoke to her and she chose Albrecht Durer, a German Renaissance artist from the 15th and 16th Century. It turned out to be a perfect choice as Durer, known for his broad strokes, use of color and references to nature fitted brilliantly with Emily’s aesthetic.

We started an oval shaped, grey ceramic container and filled it with chicken wire, which was reinforced with tape. Making a bramble with wild Smilax, students created their “sculptures” with Maple branch, wild grasses, Amsonia  and black pearl berries.

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