Monthly Archives: November 2015

2015 Fall Professional Program Graduates

We are pleased to present our Fall 2015 Graduating Class! Hailing from ten different countries including Singapore, Mexico, Chile, Taiwan, China, Australia, Korea, Italy, Brazil and Canada, they all arrived with a passion for flowers and a hunger to learn the world of flowers. After four weeks of classroom training and a fifty hour internship,… Read more »

A Napa Valley Christmas with Lewis Miller-Dec 9th!

Raised in California, Lewis Miller brings an aesthetic that is seasonal, natural and deeply reflective of one of the greatest agricultural areas of the nation. Think pomegranates, grapevines, quince and deep dark colors as he creates a moody tablescape that is as rich and inviting as a vintner’s table at Christmas. In the morning, we… Read more »

An Exotic Meets Traditional Wedding with Matthew Robbins-Dec 8th!

Design a wedding that perfectly combines the exotic with the traditional. Matthew Robbins, author of, “Inspired Weddings, Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures,” will show you how you can take a beloved object and create a simple theme that will resonate throughout an entire event. He tells his brides that their… Read more »

The Art of Flowers Series: Lindsey Taylor Interprets Mary Cassatt-October 22, 2015

Lindsey Taylor, our newest Master Florist, chose one of my favorite painters, Mary Cassatt, to pair with for her Master class in October. Lindsey has been doing a series for the Wall Street Journal over the past two years interpreting artist’s works using flower arrangements as her medium. She has interpreted the works of David… Read more »