Flowers in the Romantic Garden Style with Laura Dowling-Feb 4th!

This Master Class will feature the loose, sumptuous French look in flowers that resulted in Laura Dowling winning the White House job in 2009, when she beat out hundreds of applicants for the coveted Chief Florist position. Having studied with Christian Tortu and other distinguished European designers, she is known for developing a unique signature style of free-flowing lines and vines emanating from a classical bouquet. Her work is lively, colorful and original – and her special techniques (including lush layering, crossing stems, dancing branches, etc.) result in floral designs with unusual presence and impact. In this class students will focus on creating a lovely spring-inspired bouquet (suitable for a centerpiece or side table) featuring Laura’s tips and techniques for working in the new romantic style, as well as design a special organic container for presenting these floral displays. 

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