Bringing The White House Style Home with Laura Dowling-February 3, 2016

What a treat our, “Bringing the White House Style Home,” class with Laura Dowling was! Laura shared with us her tips on entertaining from intimate dinners to large state dinners, from lunches for dignitaries to family Easter suppers. She shared her knowledge of having worked on several thousand events at the Obama White House and we students were eager to listen and learn how to apply it in our everyday lives to make our own events more beautiful.

During the day, Laura showed us examples of coordinating linens, china and flowers that she had used in the past. In the morning, we created an organic container we made using eucalyptus leaves using flowers in a palette of fuschia and green. She used oasis as the base for the greens in the container and then placed the flowers so that they would rest on the foliage base and not in the oasis. By using this technique she managed to make the flowers last much longer than they would have had they been put directly in the oasis. Indeed, the flowers that we took home lasted for a good ten days.

The afternoon featured a pastel palette and a hand-tied bouquet that could rest either on a table or on a rectangular low-sided container as seen in the picture.  Her beautiful pastel palette included Ranunculus, Roses, Sweet Pea, Lisianthus and Hedera foliage.

Thank you Laura for being so generous in sharing you knowledge, your sense of style and your best practices in entertaining at the highest level to us.

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