Monthly Archives: March 2016

Setting up Shop Class with Christian Tortu: An All-Day Workshop-Apr 13!

Takashimaya on Fifth Avenue was for many years one of the most beautiful specialty stores in New York. Its flower department on the first floor started by Christian Tortu was a refuge for many of us who needed to see a breath of nature in the middle of the skyscrapers and traffic-burdened NYC streets. Christian… Read more »

Event Design Series with Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur-March 21-23, 2016

We completed another beautiful Event Design Series with Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur and our Spring Professional Program students last week. The course began with Meredith’s inspiring lecture the first day detailing all the specifics of running a floral event design business. The students shopped for and designed their “weddings” the second day, with a beautiful set… Read more »

The Passion and Art of Fragrance with Fabio Luisi-March 15, 2016

We launched our new perfume program, “Guild to Glove,” by having Maestro Fabio Luisi teach a class. Mr. Luisi is the principal conductor at the Metropolitan Opera as well as General Music Director of the Zurich Opera. In addition to his conducting work, he is a perfumer who creates scents in his laboratory overlooking Central… Read more »

The Art of Flowers Series: Sullivan Owen Interprets Degas-March 10, 2016

When I asked Sullivan Owen to teach a Master Class in the Art in Flowers series, her response was quick, “How about Edgar Degas and his sculptural lines – they are very much like branches.” I’d always thought of Degas and his paintings and drawings of dancers from the ballet, but I never thought of… Read more »

All-Day Sophisticated Parisian Wedding Workshop with Christian Tortu-Apr 12th!

To have Christian Tortu design your wedding is a dream come true. This master of flower design has traveled all over the world to create exquisite experiences for brides from the French countryside to Venice to Istanbul. To begin this all-day workshop, Christian will unveil his years of expertise and knowledge through a short slide show presentation… Read more »

The Art of Flowers Series: Bella Meyer Interprets Stravinsky-Apr 7th!

Bella Meyer is the granddaughter of Marc Chagall, one of the most prominent artists of the Twentieth Century. In addition to his paintings, Marc Chagall created sets and costumes for the ballet with Stravinsky’s Firebird being one of his most famous collaborations. Both artists were Russians, and both eventually settled in Paris and both created groundbreaking… Read more »

The Passion and Art of Fragrance with Fabio Luisi-Mar 15th!

We are thrilled to bring world-renowned musician and conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, Fabio Luisi, to share with FlowerSchool his secret passion for creating perfumes using natural substances from all over the world such as frankincense from Oman, myrrh from Ethiopia and vetiver from Haiti. When off the podium, Mr. Luisi can be found in his… Read more »