Lewis Miller-The Fauvist Movement-October 6th!

Lewis Miller of LMD is one of New York’s premiere event designers. His first book, Styling Nature, published in March 2016 is a tour de force of pages that read like paintings – each design more painterly and styled than the next. In this class he will recreate one of the designs from Styling Nature with flowers that reflect a poetic sense of seasonality, unique and subtle color combinations and an approach to texture that could be called Fauvist.

In the past FlowerSchool New York has paired our Master Florists with famous artist of the past such as van Gogh, John Singer Sargent, Frida Kahlo and Marc Chagall. The Master Florists used these artists as inspirations for their arrangements not necessarily designing flowers that were copies of the paintings.

This fall we will be pairing each of our teachers with a different artistic movement instead of a specific artist. The nature of our Master Classes is to give our teachers the free rein they deserve as artists in their own right. They choose the flowers according to their mood, their artistic vision and their desire to reflect seasonality with respect to flowers and designs.

The goal is to give you, the students, an insight into the creative process as well as a better understanding of the craft that is used when working with flowers, branches and leaves – all living products of the natural world that surrounds us.