Iconic Installations: The Modern with Emily Thompson

Join Emily Thompson on January 26th for a unique look at one of Emily’s most Iconic Installations at The Modern Restaurant!

Iconic Installations: The Modern with Emily Thompson

Jan 26, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


FlowerSchool New York is thrilled to announce a brand new series of Master Classes titled the Iconic Installations Series.

In this special series each designer will reflect upon one of their best known commissions, beginning with a lecture discussing their design and execution process, procuring clients, assembly, maintenance and some of their biggest challenges producing this work. After the lecture, each designer will give a demonstration followed by the hands-on portion of the class where each student will create their own Iconic Installation to take home!

Each week, Emily Thompson conceives the installation at The Modern, the two-Michelin starred restaurant at MoMA headed by chef Abram Bissell. The design inverts the landscape into these modernist spaces, our hands channeling the wind and weather acting upon the forest and field. Emily contrives expressions of the wild outdoors, following the forms of branches, grasses and vines where they lead us, and finally populating them with birds, hares and reptiles in the form of flowers. These sculptural pieces are designed in direct conversation with the sculpture garden just outside. Join Emily in this special Master Class to learn more about her process for designing for The Modern, and take home your own masterpiece for your table!

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