Summertime at FlowerSchool!

We would like to extend a huge congratulations to the recent Floral Design Program graduates! We were delighted to work with such a talented group of students, and look forward to following their floral journeys.

With the weather warming and the sun shining, we’re excited to celebrate the best of summer here at FlowerSchool! We’re offering our most popular courses, including the 5 Day Intensive Series and the 2 Day Advanced Design Series, along with new “Summer Friday” BYOB Open Studios.

The next Floral Design Program begins in September. Register by August 9th!

See our summer programs below:


Our most popular Foundation Level course gives students all of the basics they need to know in order to become a professional florist. A combination of the 2 Day Intro Series and 3 Day Intermediate Series (which can be taken separately), the 5 Day Intensive Series teaches students how to properly condition and care for flowers so they last longer and open beautifully, how to use professional floristry tools such as clippers and knives, and master nine different high-end design styles.  Each successive class strengthens previously learned skills and techniques to build a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s best methods.

July 8-12
August 5-9
September 9-13
October 21-25

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Included in the tuition are: A FlowerSchool work apron, florist’s clippers, a florist’s knife, a FlowerSchool notebook, FlowerSchool Handbook & Recipes, and all of the vessels and beautiful floral arrangements that you make!




2 Day Advanced Design Series
July 16 – 17
August 13 – 14
Learn four advanced level techniques and design styles including organic, classic and modern arrangements while working to develop your own aesthetic.
4 Evening Introductory Series
July 29th – Aug 1st
(5p – 7p)
A special evening opportunity to take the Intro Series after work! Join us from 5p – 7p from July 29th to August 1st to complete this four-part series usually offered over 2 full days.
Beginners Open Studio
Want to try your hand in floral design but not ready for a full series? Join us for an Open Studio to learn the best design tips and take home your beautiful work. This is a great way to dip you toe into the world of floral design!
July 11th (5p – 6:30p)
July 18th (2p – 3:30p / 6p – 7:30p)
July 23 (2p – 3:30p / 6p – 7:30p)
July 27 (10:30a – 12p / 2p – 3:30p)
Aug. 8th (5p – 6:30p)
Aug. 15th (5p – 6:30p)
Aug. 17th (10:30a – 12p / 2p – 3:30p)
Aug. 20th (2p – 3:30p / 6p – 7:30p)
Aug. 22nd (2p – 3:30p / 6p – 7:30p)
Leaving the office early? BYOB and join us for this special Summer Friday Open Studio! Create a flower crown or desktop arrangement perfect for any NYC weekend activity from a festival, brunch date or visiting friends. Nothing like Summer in the city!
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