A ‘Not So Valentine’ Bouquet with Takaya Sato of L’Atelier Rouge on February 7th (5pm – 7pm)


Many of us are tired of long-stemmed red roses standing at stiff attention mingled with unadventurous greens. Takaya Sato of L’Atelier Rouge has a more expansive way of seeing love and Valentine’s Day. Using age-old Japanese traditions mixed with Western garden-style flowers, he will help you create a unique and personalized arrangement to take home for yourself or a loved one.


“It is important to to honor each distinct flower, as well as the way they interact with one another. I like to create arrangements that aren’t so precious, that change the way you may look at flowers.”   –Takaya Sato

Recognized as a classically trained ikebana master in his native Japan, Takaya is an expert craftsman of cutting-edge floral arrangements. Although he’s expanded his style repertoire beyond the strict confines of this craft, elements of ikebana continue to influence his method.

There’s a pervasive sense of minimalism, which allows him to recognize and make use of the nuanced qualities of each plant – their texture, color, patterning, and contours to create a harmony. After beginning his training back in Japan more than twenty years ago at his father’s flower shop, Takaya has been designing for the most elite events in New York and around the globe. He brings his refined sensibility to L’Atelier Rouge as their lead floral designer.