Blossoms & Butterflies: EUPHORIUM BROOKYLN x FlowerSchool NY

Pairings & Presentations on Fragrance, Floral Design, Jewelry, Photography, Film, Environmental Activism, and Confections.

Stephen Dirkes – Euphorium Brooklyn, Calvert Crary – Flower School New York, Tal Shpantzer – Talfoto, Ayaka Nishi Jewelry, Tessa Liebman – Scents of Plates, Choya Umeboshi (Ume liquor)

UME Eau de Parfum
– Special Choya Umeshu, Japanese plum liquor, hospitality cocktail and introduction to Choya brand
– UME Paper Theater Stories

PÉTALES Eau de Parfum
– FSNY expert floral design demo
– Collaboration with photographer, Tal Shpantzer
– Chef Tessa Liebman presentation of floral candies interpreting fragrance notes in the accord

BUTTERFLY Eau de Parfum
– A screening The DREAM of the BUTTERFLY film ballet
– Jewelry designer, Ayaka Nishi presenting butterfly chrysalis inspired jewelry
– Environmental expert (TBD) presenting the basics of butterfly lifecycle and planting an urban butterfly garden

Offering selected products from our presenters of fragrance, notecards, and jewelry at a special discount at the event.

– Euphorium Brooklyn Perfume samples
– Talfoto floral notecards
– Choya 50ML
– Floral candies
– Jeweler discount code
– FSNY discount code

This event is free to the public. Please contact Jessi Owens at to RSVP.