Certificate in Event Planning with Claudia Hanlin of the Wedding Library & Jessi Owens via Zoom Virtual Meeting on April 6th -10th, 2020


This 5-day Event Planning  Program is for florists, caterers, event planners or anyone planning an event. Students will learn the workflow, fundamentals and best way to realize a fully planned event. Due to the current heath crisis, this course will be offered online via ZOOM.

In this project management course, we will show you how to plan an event from start to finish. You will meet your Client, and learn how to create layouts, timelines, and budgets, as well as the elements of design. You will also learn about vendor relations and get to meet real industry professionals.

At the end of this series each student must present their hypothetical wedding or event as per the client profiles to industry professionals for critique. It is your job to create the best event possible as per the client’s interests while staying within budget.


The Certificate in Event Planning is a licensed continuing education program by the State of New York, New York Board of Education.  Licensure under the State recognizes the school as a high quality and career oriented school. 

To Register for the Certificate in Event Planning, students must fill out and return the ENROLLMENT FORM as well as submit your HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA (or equivalent) to flowerschool@flowerschoolny.com.

Please review the Certificate in Event Planning Program Catalog for more information.

Day One (4pm – 6pm)

Introductions & Expectations; Event Planning Checklist & Sales

The first day will focus on the initial steps every planner must take when beginning a new event with a prospective client. We will begin with an overview of the events industry including occupations, types of events, and client buying power. We will discuss sales and types of planning packages so students will know what services to offer, and also how to charge for them.

Students will then practice their consultation skills, using sample client profiles, asking all the questions necessary to complete their Client Intake Sheet deliverable. We will go over the full event planning checklist with timeline, and students will need to complete their proposed planning package and timeline of payments for the following class.

Day Two (4pm – 6pm)

Budgets; Evaluating Vendors

The second day will center around the many important details that planners need take into consideration when advising clients. We will review budgets, in terms of spending expectations and how planners can help clients manage those expectations. Students will learn about event vendors and will discuss the best ways to find the right vendor for their events and how to build up their preferred vendors list.



Day Three (4pm – 6pm)

Event Timelines; Layouts

On the third day of the program, we will introduce students to the AllSeated software and discuss the best (and worst) ways to lay out a room for any given event as well as review proper even timelines including day of, week of and year out from the event.  You will then choose which layout to recommend to your client and why. Final event designs will be presented for critique by industry professionals.






Day Four (4pm – 6pm)

Style and Design; Presentation Tools

Students will then shift their focus to design, discussing elements of design including color palette, style/themes, and creating a vision board and place setting.

Students will review presentation platforms including Pinterest and Canva.








Day Five (2pm – 5:30pm)

Vendor & Student Presentations

FlowerSchool will invite three professional vendors to join the Zoom meeting to discuss their business, signature approach and methods of operation.

After, each student will present their own project to the class. Following a short virtual graduation ceremony will commence!





This course will be presented via Zoom.

Meeting invitations and downloadable materials will be emailed to each participant.


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Spring Session 2020 ZOOM Virtual Meeting: April 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th (4pm - 6pm) & 10th (2pm - 5:30pm)