‘Contemporary Vessel Study’ with Master Florist Takaya Sato of L’Atelier Rouge: Tuesday, October 22nd (6pm – 8pm)

When working with florals, what holds the flowers can often be overlooked. This Fall Master Class Series will focus on FlowerSchool Master Florists’ use of unique vessels in their floral designs.  In each class the Master Designer will feature a unique vessel specific to their vision and approach to flowers. They will each share how to design specifically for their vessel and how to incorporate the container into the whole design. This program is open to all levels. Beginners and professionals can both gain from working with these Master Designers.


After a demonstration and discussion, each student will create a beautiful floral arrangement using the curated container as inspiration. After designing, each student will have the opportunity to photograph their design in a still life setting created specifically for their program. 


All materials are provided and each student will take home the floral design and container to enjoy.


Inspired by their newest endeavor, Buunch, renowned designers Takaya Sato and Caroline Bailly of L’Atelier Rouge will bring a fresh perspective on how to incorporate containers into an overall design and style of an arrangement. For Buunch it is important to Takaya and Caroline that their arrangements work for every kind of space, from lofts to shoeboxes and be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. They prefer to use flower frogs, known as a kenzan, over floral foam helping the environment as well as the longevity of the flowers.  


Although the flowers are the star of each arrangement, every Buunch design begins with the vase, which dictates the shape and final look of the design. Sourcing vases from local artisans to international design shows, these aren’t your typical boring glass vases, but pieces you’ll want to use and display over and over. 


In this class, each student will begin with a signature Buunch vase and learn how to build a design inspired by the vessel.  Each student will create an arrangement incorporating the principles and style of the Buunch method. Each student will also learn how to use a flower frog, the sustainable mechanic over floral foam, and take home a beautiful Buunch arrangement and vessel.


Image by @Buunch



After creating florals for events and editorial projects in New York for almost 10 years, Takaya Sato & Caroline Bailly of L’Atelier Rouge began a retail floral gift and delivery business named Buunch.

The team of flower hunters at Buunch are all experienced floral designers, each with a unique stylistic background, allowing a truly creative design process to thrive. Beginning with Caroline Bailly, she is the brains behind L’Atelier Rouge, and now Buunch. After working in events, fine dining, and floral design in New York City for many years, she believes in pushing the envelope and finding new ways to make every space beautiful through flowers. Creative director, Takaya Sato, is a floral designer who trained in Japan, and developed his unique style even further after moving to New York City.

The flower hunters believe in honoring each flower and its individual beauty so that it can be fully appreciated. They combine elements of minimalism with a natural flair, making pieces that feel elegant yet relaxed and fun. Color is the driving theme for each arrangement, and flower hunters take in pride curating the best available flowers for each color in every season.


Image by @Buunch