‘Consultation to Execution’ Wedding Design Series with Meredith Perez


In this three-day course, students learn the full process of creating the overall floral design for a wedding. Students begin with creating storyboards, receive instruction in conducting consultations and creating proposals, how to purchase floral product and finally, creating the mock-execution of the event’s designs. Each student is required to develop their own wedding floral designs based on specific client requests and finishes with a mockup table decor and presentation to the “client.” This is a great opportunity for students to practice event production with specific client requests, budgets and of course, flowers.



Day One: Introduction to Event Design (10:30am – 4:00pm) A full-day class discussion with Meredith. In the morning,  Meredith will review the best approach to Event Design from client intake, understanding of client’s needs and expectations and developing a proposal within a client’s preferred budget. This is an opportunity to ask specific questions and review details for event design and production. In teams students will select their mock wedding profile to begin visioning the specifics of this event with a story board.

Day Two: Event Design Production (9:00am – 3:00pm)
Based on the work and selected mock wedding concepts from Day One, students will meet FlowerSchool Staff in the New York Flower Market to purchase the flowers and materials required to bring their vision to fruition. Students will return to the school to produce their samples to present to the “client” on Day Three. This will provide students the opportunity to create and bring to fruition their unique vision and style for a specific wedding.
Day Three: Student Presentations (11:00am – 3:00pm)
After a hard day of production and proposal writing, on the last day each group will present their vision and concept for their individual wedding to the client, Meredith. In addition to the presentation, each group must complete a Wholesale Flower Budget Worksheet, Proposal Worksheet, and sample designs for critique. Meredith will give constructive feedback for each presentation to help students with future events .
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