Flower Styling for Photos: The Essential Ingredients with Kate Donovan Style Director of Brides Magazine on Saturday, October 27th (10:30am – 4:00pm)


A floral design can last forever with exceptional photography, lighting and styling. Even the best design can read flat on the camera if photographed in the dark or from a bad angle, and just a few tips and tricks can make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Textured surfaces and backgrounds, in addition to props, linens and other accessories, can also enrich the environment around your floral design, giving it life and personality.


In this class, Kate Donovan, Style Director of Brides Magazine, will lead a styling workshop teaching students how to create a perfect set for photographing arrangements. The class will cover backgrounds and surfaces, best under-the-radar sources for tabletop props, and the must-have essentials to have in your at-home photography & styling kit.

Together with Kate, students will create three different set ups, including a classic dinner tablescape and two different modern vignettes – one light and airy and another moody and dark. Using a selection of objects and décor items, Kate will demonstrate how to build a still life to showcase a floral design at its best angle. We’ll talk about mixing colors and patterns, playing with texture, editing, and other key elements of the creative process.

After setting the stage, each student will be able to take pictures of their set up using in-house SLR cameras as well as their iPhones. Professional photos will also be taken and provided to students.

* Photography by David Prince

Kate is the Style Director at Brides. She has a passion for travel, flowers, and all things food-related (including pretty pots, pans, and all the nuts and bolts of creating a gorgeous kitchen). In addition to Brides, Kate has worked at Martha Stewart Living, Domino, Cookie, and InStyle. She lives in a cozy, hygge-infused apartment in NYC. Follow her on Instagram @katedonovan_lifeandhome.