The Perfumer’s Library with Stephen Dirkes


The language of perfumery is vast offering an abundance of oils and fragrances to create the ever-growing vocabulary of perfumery. At the heart of this creative process is the perfumer’s organ, or library of raw ingredients is the essential foundation for all perfumers. Similar to the words on the page or notes to the song, this collection of elements are manipulated, composed and combined create a new scent or perfume. Each time a perfumer approaches their library a new composition is unlocked.

Through a series of classes, Stephen Dirkes, founder of Euphorium Brooklyn and bespoke perfumer, will explore the language of perfume highlighting a particular fragrance family and the unique qualities of that category to create a custom fragrance to enjoy at home. Students will:

  • receive a curated collection of materials specific to the fragrance family, representing one building block of their own perfume library
  • learn how to identify perfume molecules, explore a scent palette, and learn professional perfumery techniques to build their own fragrance.
  • learn each element in terms of historical context, current trends, and safety restrictions.
  • Be encouraged to explore their own creativity in order to create their own signature perfume.

Each session will introduce new category of fragrance and offers a companion perfumer’s library featuring eight new elements. By completing all eight classes students will receive greater understanding of perfumery and will collect 64 of the most exciting notes used in perfumery today.

I – Citrus Floral


II – Amber
Rich, dark, sweet & balsamic notes inform the Amber fragrance family. Soft spices & ripe fruit add layers and provide different directions to explore.


III- Woods
Create and combined green pines and conifers, bright cedar and rich creamy sandalwood to explore the modern Woods fragrance family.


IV – Spice (or Fresh)


V – White Floral


VI – Gourmand


VII – Leather


VIII – Fresh (or Spice)


 Originally trained as a classical composer, Stephen Dirkes is the founder of Euphorium Brooklyn perfume house where he has become an important voice in Niche perfumery. Stephen’s unique take on perfumery offers Avant-Guard accords with a nod to the traditional. Extensively reviewed, awarded “Best of Scent” for multiple fragrances, & nominated for “Best New Niche Perfume House”, Stephen’s Euphorium Brooklyn is one of the fastest growing perfume houses and brands in the ever-expanding niche perfumery landscape.

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Citrus Florals- July 20th (5:00pm - 7:00pm)Citrus Florals- September 12th (5:00pm - 7:00pm)Amber- September 14th (5:00pm - 7:00pm)Amber- October 10th (5:00pm -7:00pm)Woods- October 12th (5:00pm - 7:00pm)