Sustainable Practices in Floral Design with Ariella Chezar: Large-Scale Designs & Chuppah Structures


At FlowerSchool, we feel it is our responsibility to teach the best floral design techniques, including environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Floral foam, although practical and a ‘go-to’ mechanic for many years, is harmful and detrimental to the environment. The foam itself is made from phenol-formaldehyde filled with carcinogens, which is one of the oldest types of plastics, taking over a century to break down in landfills and oceans. Though there are new “bio-degradable” oasis foam bricks available, they are not completely bio-degradable and still pollute the land and oceans. While we acknowledge this is a step in the right direction, we would like our community to be aware of these eco-friendly alternatives to floral-foam.

As a leader in the field of floral design, Ariella Chezar is an innovator in the industry leading the new “no floral foam” movement, amongst prominent others such as Emily Thompson, Shane Connolly and the @nofloralfoam handle featuring Floral-Foam-Free-Floristry techniques. With sustainable practices at the core of what she does, in this day-long series Ariella will discuss leading issues in today’s industry and demonstrate alternative methods to the traditional floral foam mechanic for large-scale designs and chuppahs.

Large-Scale Constructions: Chuppah Design &

Monumental, Large-Scale Designs with Ariella Chezar

10:00 – 5:00pm

Using her own personalized, custom frame, in this class Ariella will discuss how she built this specific style of structure and the different ways it can be used without floral foam. After a conversation and slideshow, students will construct the chuppah without the use of floral foam and design the structure using seasonal and local flowers when possible. This class will be held in the garden, weather and space permitting.

A large-scale urn arrangement certainly lends itself to the floral foam mechanic given the size, weight and scope of the design. In this class, Ariella will demonstrate how to create this style of design, best used for a ceremony or a monumental focal point, without the use of floral foam. After a demonstration, students in groups of three or four will create their own design and practice the technique of the foam-free mechanic. Ariella will discuss troubleshooting and her specific tips to create something very large without the need for foam.

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