Sustainable Practices in the Style of Constance Spry with Shane Connolly on April 12th (2:00pm -5:30pm)


Tall arrangement with no foam in the Style of Constance Spry.

Learn to make a foam-free large arrangement from Master Florist Shane Connolly, who regularly creates these types of arrangements for weddings and other special occasions, including for The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Shane has managed for years to make his arrangements completely sustainable. We are very excited for Shane to share his techniques with both professional florists and eager amateurs here in the US and spread the gospel of sustainability.

It is a great honor to have Shane Connolly, a maverick in the foam-free movement, here to share his developed techniques with us!


Sustainability Mission

Floral foam, although practical and a ‘go-to’ mechanic for many years, is harmful and detrimental to the environment. The foam itself is made from phenol-formaldehyde filled with carcinogens, which is one of the oldest types of plastic taking over a hundred years to break down, crowding landfills and oceans. Throwing bricks of foam in the garbage or down the sink, whether more bio-degradable or not, is dangerous to the earth and the environment. At FlowerSchool, we feel it is our responsibility to share the best methods of floral design, including environmentally conscious techniques and practices.

A large-scale urn arrangement certainly lends itself to the floral foam mechanic given the size, weight and scope of the design. In this class, Shane will demonstrate how to create this style of design, best used for a ceremony or a monumental focal point, without the use of floral foam. After a demonstration, students in groups of two or three, will create their own design and practice the technique of the foam-free mechanic. Afterwards, each student will split the large scale designs into a much smaller format to bring home.

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Style of Constance Spry with Shane Connolly on April 12th